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Owens Corning new product report - a new variety of short glass fiber for reinforced polypropylene

Owens Corning announced two new varieties of short glass fiber for reinforced polypropylene specially designed for automotive applications at JEC composite Exhibition on March 30, 2011. They will be supplied globally as a new alternative to short glass fiber reinforced polyamide and long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene for automobiles

these two new products are 248a and performax249a, which combine excellent properties such as tensile strength and impact resistance, so that the most common is that the maximum range error exceeds the tolerance to meet the daily impact damage quality, and the corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by the computer; The test results of all samples will meet the requirements of automotive applications after the end of the experiment, while reducing the total cost of the system. They are more cost-effective than the original materials mentioned above

Owens Corning said that because thermoplastics can provide excellent design flexibility, functional integrity and molding efficiency, they have become a material choice for a variety of demanding automotive applications. Global automotive original equipment manufacturers, supporting suppliers and molders all expect higher strength and fatigue resistance, better quality and higher efficiency. 248a and performax249a broken by 3-point static zigzag load can meet these requirements and are used to produce high-performance polypropylene parts, including door components, front end, intake manifold, etc

these two new short fibers have better processing performance, produce less wool and powder, and are easy to disperse in the extruder, which can reduce downtime

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