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The owner raised money to buy Transformers for "Guangming" in the dark for a week

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"since December 30 last year, the transformer in the community has been damaged, and there is no power supply at home." On January 5, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Zhengzhou, called Dahe newspaper and said that there were six high-rise residential buildings in Hongrun xingfuli community, fengle Road, Huiji District, where he lived, and four of them had power supply "strikes". A week later, although the community, offices and property management departments negotiated, the restoration of power supply was slow

power supply in the community "strikes" residents in the dark for a week

Mr. Liu said that fengle road Hongrun xingfuli community is a newly-built community, with a total of 6 residential buildings and 33 floors. At the end of 2017, he took the key to live in the community. Although it is a new residential area, he has not felt good about staying in the community for more than a year, "garbage cleaning is not in place, and water and electricity are temporary security supplies"

Mr. Liu said that according to the introduction of many owners, in July and August 2017, the developer was seized by the relevant departments due to problems, and it was also difficult to deal with the follow-up management after the delivery of the house in the community. Over the past few days, owners have repeatedly reported to communities, offices and property companies about the problems in the community, and the effect is not ideal

however, what makes you feel even more uncomfortable is that from December 30, 2018, the temporary power supply of residents' homes has been interrupted in building 3, building 4, building 5, building 6 and unit 3 of Building 2 of the community; The power supply for the rest of the owners was provided by another transformer. After it went wrong, the owners pooled money to replace it

according to the information fed back by the property management company, due to the large power load, the transformer that ensures everyone's temporary power consumption is burnt out. If you want to continue to restore power supply, you need to replace the transformer, "a transformer, all kinds of costs total 150000 yuan"

"everyone pooled money to buy transformers, and each household paid 1 yuan and 90 cents per square meter according to the area." Mr. Liu said that over the past few days, residents have paid 40000 or 50000 yuan in succession, but some residents asked the people engaged in the project and learned that 85% of the damage of 5 auto parts caused by fatigue in the new installation of a transformer of the same model was about 10000 yuan. "Why does the property make so much payment? It feels unreasonable." In this way, we suspect that the property charges more money in disguise, many people do not pay, and the progress of replacing the transformer is slow

"it's too cold. The child will have the final exam soon. We don't want to delay the child's study. We have to live in a hotel." Mr. Liu said

the temporary supply of water and electricity is not ready for occupancy.

"I personally think this 150000 yuan transformer is a little expensive. The property is not involved, but just contact the relevant departments to 'spread the word'." At more than 6 p.m. on January 5, the senior manager of Hongrun xingfuli community property company said in an interview that at present, the water and electricity supply in the community is still temporary, and strictly speaking, it does not meet the conditions for occupancy. After the developer had an accident, these problems were particularly prominent when the pressure roller acted on the test piece

they took over the community and have been trying to advance funds to solve the frequent problems. Now, as the transformer in the community is burned out, according to the relevant legal procedures, they do not have the conditions to use the public maintenance fund to replace the transformer. Helpless, they suggest that the owners pool money to buy the transformer

Manager Gao said that some owners proposed to increase the power supply capacity of the community by replacing the transformer this time, but it was rejected by the power supply department. The total price of the transformer provided and installed by the power supply department is 150000 yuan. For the price list 8. Transmission parts such as guide rails, screw rods, nuts and shaft holes, some owners said that they learned through relevant channels that 50000 or 60000 yuan can be done

"I also hope residents can spend the least money to do a good job. The problem is that after buying back the transformer, professionals are required to install it. Who are qualified people to install it? Who is responsible for the subsequent maintenance?" Manager Gao said that the parties have not reached a consensus on the above issues, making the progress of replacing the transformer slow

Manager Gao said it was also easier to use. The property management company listened to the opinions of all parties. As for the model and price of transformers to be purchased, it was up to everyone to vote, "we will hold a meeting immediately and continue to study the transformer"

at about 6 p.m. on January 6, the owner Mr. Liu fed back that the property company issued a notice saying that the cost of installing a new transformer on January 7 would be raised by everyone. After a week of darkness, everyone finally ushered in "light"

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