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P & G has new anti-counterfeiting measures

it is no longer so easy to counterfeit, and counterfeiters will face high costs -

P & G recently announced that it will pack 17.80 of its shampoo products in bags for the first time; The introduction of high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology. At the same time, a special crackdown on counterfeiting, code named "operation flame", has also been launched nationwide. The person in charge of the company said that the purpose of strengthening technical anti-counterfeiting efforts is to minimize the probability of P & G being counterfeited and maximize the protection of the interests of legitimate operators and consumers. The development of enterprise talents is often based on introduction

according to statistics, P & G's annual losses caused by counterfeit products are about 1.2 billion yuan, most of which are shampoo products. This time, the anti-counterfeiting technology used by P & G for its bagged shampoo products is high in science and technology, and the printing and manufacturing process is complex, which is difficult to imitate

there are 11 technical features of anti-counterfeiting labels pasted on the outer packing box of packaged shampoo, including fluorescent fiber paper and watermark applied to important tickets such as banknotes and passports. You can see under the fluorescent lamp: there is a red P & G Logo on the top right of the label; There are yellow couplers on the Great Wall pattern of the label; There are three P & G Logo watermarks arranged neatly under the label; There are irregular fluorescent fibers in the paper on which labels are printed. Wholesalers and dealers can compare these characteristics one by one when purchasing the whole box to ensure the authenticity. For those who can't purchase goods in a whole box, you can consult our vendors, or you can use the electronic pen with sensors to detect the authenticity: put the electronic pen on the package of small bags of products, if the red light at the end of the pen turns green and is accompanied by a "tick", it is the genuine goods, otherwise it is the fake goods

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