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The owners don't enter the store. No matter how beautiful the decoration is, it's useless.

the owners don't enter the store. No matter how beautiful the decoration is, it's useless.

October 25th, 2017

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these days, the decoration of the new office of paint is coming to an end, and after more than a month of busy work, it's finally like a model. This paint makes the project have the conditions to sign a formal agreement. The place where people gather and chat, drink tea and boast is about to open again. I feel very happy. Looking at the brand-new decoration of the paint, I naturally talked about the decoration of the decoration paint store. As a result, one after another complained that the decoration paint business is too difficult to do now

friends of the paint factory complained that the dealer did not cooperate with the company's policies, and the company asked to change the door or even redecorate the whole store to improve the grade and drive the signing, but the dealer was not willing to invest and delayed again and again. This group believes that in business, packaging is becoming more and more important, and business is becoming more and more difficult. It is more necessary to do a good image and make differentiation. And the dealer friend complained that it was difficult to do business, so of course we should be cautious about spending money. The key is that now there are few customers in the building materials market, and the owners do not enter the store. No matter how beautiful the decoration is, it is useless

why doesn't the owner enter the store

no time to select materials

nowadays, office workers generally have the phenomenon of high work pressure, irregular life and often working overtime. After work, there may be various entertainment to deal with, so no time has become the main reason. Moreover, decoration is a troublesome thing, involving too many aspects, and the general owners do not know the materials, so they really can't care about it. In that case, simply find a decoration company to package the ball counting, design and decoration through-train, which saves time and effort

group buying of building materials is popular

nowadays, many cities often have offline group buying meetings and bargaining meetings of decoration building materials, which are attended by many major brands, and the merchants who often participate in the activities are those with good brands and good reputation in the city. Group buying not only has a complete range of products, but also can buy most of the materials in one activity, and the price is generally lower than the market retail price. The quality and service can be effectively guaranteed, saving time and effort. Moreover, in the group purchase or bargaining meetings, the owners occupy the initiative, so it has become the preferred way of purchase for the owners

shopping is popular

the friction performance of nylon materials obtained by bonding short fibers together is also very good. We have entered the era of Internet + and many things can be completed on the network, including the purchase of decoration materials. First, the price is affordable and cost-effective; Secondly, there is little difference between online and offline after-sales service. Even thanks to the after-sales requirements and evaluation system of e-commerce platforms, the purchase service may be better. So for buyers or those who don't like to haggle at the store, buying is the first choice

it is necessary to pass strict tests before it can be put into use. Friends who know well or friends who have just decorated it must be more confident about the effect and quality. People who participate in the whole process of home decoration are almost half experts. They will not only recommend reliable materials, but also provide many suggestions. Why not

the rise of Internet home decoration

since 2010, the home decoration market has gradually become interconnected. In 2014, the concept of Internet home decoration was officially launched, and the capital was hot in early 2015. In 2016, it entered the reshuffle period, and the development speed of Internet home decoration is very amazing. In the future, based on the Internet thinking, Internet home decoration will focus more on offline construction services and the improvement of supply chain integration ability, which will have a greater impact on the traditional decoration market

in the past, we all said that what we sell paint is imagination, because paint itself is a semi-finished product. The good "effect experience" of traditional stores is naturally a place that they are proud of and can attract owners to their homes. However, with the maturity of smart VR interior design platforms such as kujiale and 3D home, they have been able to produce effect drawings in 10 seconds, and the design can be switched at will. No matter how large the store area is, it can only show a few effects

sales of finished houses have become a trend

in terms of real estate policy, in order to reduce construction waste emissions and dust and noise pollution, and improve the quality of environment and residential decoration, all regions have gradually begun to implement the sales of finished houses, and real estate developers complete the design and construction integration of civil engineering and interior decoration. In this way, the owner will directly connect with the developer in terms of material selection and decoration, and there is no need to go to the store at all

afraid of being slaughtered

all say that the water in decoration is too deep. In the face of a wide range of decoration materials, our laymen are really confused. Afraid of being slaughtered by others in the store, you simply won't go. Choose the above centralized purchase method

if the owner doesn't enter the store, who can contact the owner

these are the reasons why owners are less and less likely to enter the store. Most of the remaining owners who can enter the store have limited budgets and high material requirements, so they can't make much money. In other words, although the owner doesn't enter the store, the decoration always needs to be done, so who is communicating with the owner and how to catch them


oiler has always been an important channel for decoration paint sales. In order to win over oiler, treat guests to dinner, give gifts and give rebates, everything must be done in place. Why? Because even if the owner doesn't enter the store, or even doesn't buy materials himself, the construction always has to deal with oilers. It is likely that in the process of decoration, the oiler is the only person who can directly contact the owner, not to mention that many owners choose paint according to the recommendation of the oiler


now the decoration is becoming more and more stylized. People don't like the specific style, but the atmosphere of the decoration space, so the role of designers is becoming more and more prominent. If you catch the designer, you will catch the mainstream owner. Foreign brands are better at this. Nippon and Dulux have gathered a large number of top designers through various activities around design and color

brand influence

do not enter the store, see the real object, and have no personal experience. The owner can only obtain the cognition and trust of the brand through external information, so the brand construction of decoration paint is becoming more and more important. A few years ago, the bayonet became popular in the price war. Now it's time to make up for the brand

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can artistic paint become a lifesaver

since we talk about store hardcover, we have to mention the hot art paint. Art paint pursues artistic sense in effect performance, so the store should be decorated beautifully

but in this regard, some tea friends believe that the rise of artistic coatings is a great satisfaction to the aesthetic needs of customers, but it basically did not improve the decoration process, nor did it solve the main problems faced by owners in the decoration process. The unique property of art paint will make the customer entry rate higher, but it still cannot bypass the above reasons for the decrease of owners' entry, so the launch of art paint is only a temporary buffer for the decline of home decoration paint stores


the above views are just gossip, which may be biased, but as paint people, everyone hopes that business can be good, but laments its misfortune and is angry. Nowadays, it has become a fact that the sales of decoration paint stores are declining, and the owners, as always, want to save time, effort, worry, money and reach the target in one step. We paint people still need to find ways to meet the demand as soon as possible

at the same time,

the decoration of the new office will soon end and the paint will soon be relocated. Welcome all paint friends to come to the paint manager as guests to taste tea and discuss "painting" together

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