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P & G launched plastic bottles made of marine plastics and recycled plastics

P & G also made it convenient for the majority of users to see the machine at a distance. The Department of concern announced at the our ocean conference in Malta that it officially launched plastic bottles made of recycled plastics and marine plastics after consumption. The launch of this bottle aims to raise people's attention to the problem of marine plastic waste

this bottle is named fairy ocean plastic bottle, which is jointly developed by P & G and terracycle, a plastic recycling expert, and will be officially launched in the UK in 2018. At that time, 320000 fatigue crack growth experiments will be carried out. The bottles are made of 10% of the world's marine recycled plastics and 90% of the recycled plastics after consumption

the project aims to promote people's awareness of marine plastic pollution and stimulate consumers to clean up marine garbage and recycle domestic garbage

Virginia helias, vice president of global sustainable development of P & G, said that as a product loved by consumers in the UK, 4. The table tensile testing machine can realize the adjustment card of beam rising and falling fast and slow during sample clamping. We want to use fairy tales to improve people's awareness of plastic recycling and marine pollution

according to the MacArthur Foundation (EMF), preventing plastic from flowing into the ocean is crucial to protecting our marine environment. About $80billion - $120billion worth of plastic packaging will be lost every year on the current economic and operational track. By 2050, the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will far exceed the amount of fish

tom szaky, CEO of terracycle, said that marine pollution is a related issue, and we hope to inspire other brands to think creatively about recycling experience

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