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Owens Corning produces silencing preforms in the glass fiber factory

Owens Corning announced at the 2011 SAE noise and vibration Conference on May 16, 2011 that it is producing preformed fillers for automotive silencers in its glass fiber factory in Amarillo, Texas. This product is a part of Owens Corning's proprietary silentex noise control solution. It is made of AD. some customers even unload their hearts and chat with us. The enterprises that use the first batch of new materials for vantex glass fiber are the beneficiaries of insurance, which can be inserted into the car exhaust chamber as quickly as possible

this product has excellent silencing performance and can withstand the high temperature of the exhaust system. Using this preform, there is no problem of burning the silentex bag, and it provides a solution for automobile manufacturers to implement clean air technology and manufacture more environmentally friendly vehicles. Compared with traditional E-glass, the yield strength of Advantex glass is the most important one in work design. It has higher energy efficiency, requires less fossil fuels and emissions

for more than a decade, Owens Corning has produced silentex bags in its glass fiber plants in Brazil and India, and recently in Hangzhou, China. This kind of bag is to put Advantex fiber into a bag made of film or fiberglass cloth, insert it into the exhaust muffler cavity and use it. It will melt when the muffler is first used. Now the company has begun to produce preformed parts in a glass fiber factory. The glass fibers produced in this factory are expanded and made into preformed parts by a new patented method for users to use

silentex silencer is also used in motorcycles, snow vehicles, off-road vehicles, industrial silencers and other non automotive applications

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