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P & G releases white paper: environmental sustainable development

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on December 17, P & G China officially released the Chinese version of the 2020 P & G corporate citizenship report and China White Paper (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), which introduced the company's actions in community impact, equality and inclusiveness, environmental sustainable development and other aspects during the year

at the same time, the second short film of the year, "emotions", of the "start with love, move forward" activity was also launched synchronously on the 17th. The short film hopes to produce social empathy and resonance with consumers from a perceptual perspective and warm pictures, and encourage everyone to work together with P & G to express and realize the promise of more love

the Chinese white paper was specially prepared and released on the basis of the P & G corporate citizenship report released worldwide on December 10. Globally, P & G has continuously released reports for 21 years, introducing how the company strives to bring a positive impact to the world. The Chinese white paper mainly focuses on the Chinese market, which mainly includes:

community impact

"P & G rush to help, Hubei refuel". Dozens of transport vehicles with this slogan banner are constantly transporting needed materials throughout the Province during the fight against COVID-19 in Hubei Province. In 2020, P & G and its brands jointly supported the fight against the epidemic in Hubei, and donated more than 10 batches, with a total value of 19.47 million yuan

the outbreak of the epidemic has made the subject of health education more important than ever before. P & G China has accelerated its steps to contribute to public health. The theme of P & G hope primary school project, which has been adhered to for 24 years, has been upgraded to "sowing new hope for health in the process of using liquid crystal tensile testing machine for experiments", the "P & G happy health class" has been popularized in rural areas, and epidemic prevention knowledge such as washing hands and wearing masks has been taught, which not only helps children cultivate healthy habits, but also improves their imagination, creativity and self-confidence. At the same time, P & G's brand Shufujia launched the # health to China # education and public welfare project in 2020, and is committed to popularizing health knowledge and correct hand washing habits to 100million people. Shufujia provides hand washing education and facilities for more than 300 children in mountain areas every day. By 2020, attention should be paid to the recycling and harmless treatment of some toxic solvents that must be taken. On February 18, the hand washing plan project was implemented in 248 rural schools in 10 provinces, providing 957 hand washing equipment, and the cumulative number of beneficiaries was about 110000

Gillette produced the public welfare short film "Gillette's" ugly father "during this father's day to pay tribute to every heroic father who shoulders the dual responsibilities of society and family, hoping to take this opportunity to narrow the distance between each child and his father. In addition, Gillette also collaborated with the one foundation to interview and donate to fathers fighting in the war and epidemic front

equality and inclusiveness

hushubao will continue to land in 2020 # I am a girl # the toilet reconstruction plan of rural schools will transform the dry latrines of hope primary schools into toilets with complete facilities, sufficient light and clean sanitation. It is expected that in the next 10 years, hushubao will transform 5. At present, many medical devices are still made of metal. 0 rural school toilets will protect the self-confidence of 25000 girls

Piao Rou put forward a new idea of "making beauty easier" for college entrance examination candidates in 2020, so that women don't have to be absent in their struggle

Sha Xuan proposed "type infinity", encouraging young people to bravely express their personality with hairstyles, and calling for more cultural and aesthetic inclusiveness

environmental sustainable development

on November 6, 2020, P & G officially released P & G China's "mission 2030" sustainable development goals through the China International Import Expo platform. In the next decade, P & G will focus on addressing the three key challenges of climate change, waste and water resources, and will implement the "mission 2030" sustainable development goals of P & G China through top brands, global supply chains, communities and employees

in order to implement this goal, P & G designed and developed the patented e-commerce direct hair packaging system "xiaolvbao" and the recycling packaging box "big Lvbao" in 2020, achieving a reduction of 55million secondary packaging, 170million air filling bags and 8000 tons of paper waste in a year. At the same time, P & G's green and efficient e-commerce supply chain makes P & G products "only a distance of one courier from the end of the production line to the consumer". It is estimated that in 2020 alone, the carbon dioxide emissions caused by 1.87 million ton kilometers of freight will be reduced

in response to the headquarters' goal, by 2030, P & G China will not only achieve carbon neutrality in operation, but also use 100% renewable energy in all P & G China plants, reducing transportation emissions by 50% per ton of KM; In addition, 100% of P & G's packaging will be recycled or reused; By then, 80% of e-commerce businesses will realize secondary packaging without express delivery from factory to consumer; In ten years, P & G will also increase the efficiency of production water use by 35%

in 2021, 2021 promises of love: start with love and move forward

the "start with love and move forward" activity will become an important theme and platform for P & G corporate citizens. In 2021, we will continue to carry out practical actions instead of just talking on paper

we promise to fulfill 2021 love promises with actions

for example, P & G China Pioneer plan will work with Chinese youth to actively explore nature based solutions to climate change in 2021; P & G Meishang's business unit is expected to cover 20000 families and give waste plastics "a second life" together with consumers; Shufujia will continue to carry out the "health to China" plan, which plans to provide health education to 100million people and cultivate correct hand washing habits

globally, P & G will provide millions of products, personal protective equipment and funds to promote the prevention and control of the COVID-19. In addition, Pampers will provide specially designed minimal diapers for premature infants; At the same time, hushubao will continue its acclaimed "end menstrual poverty" project and long-term global "adolescence and confidence education" project; In addition, Pantene will continue to use her voice to eliminate cultural or social prejudices about hair

P & G is committed to becoming a good and upward force in society. We believe that China steel research has many research and development achievements in the research and development of special metal materials. Even the smallest kindness can make the world a better place. 2021, let's start with love and move forward

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