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According to overseas media reports, the biodegradable aliphatic polyester nodax developed by P & G company (P & G) plans to start industrial production in 2004. In March this year, the company has provided a large number of samples for application evaluation and research, and is cooperating with commercial companies and research institutes to engage in development work worldwide

nodax is a new 1-year alkanoate based product of polyhydroxy, which can be degraded under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Its good surface properties can be used for printing. This series of products have appropriate mechanical properties and high mutual solubility. This new regulation is the second revision of regulation 10/2011 since it replaced the EU plastics directive 2002/72/ec in 2011. It can be combined with other resins to provide better performance. Nodax is widely used in fiber, foam, synthetic paper, film, injection molding, blow molding and other products. Efforts in development are focused on realizing low-cost fermentation to achieve the ideal specifications of polymers. P & G will issue a license for nodax products. The estimated cost of this product is $1.00 ~ 2.50. The piston should be boosted again to increase/kg, which can compete with petroleum based biodegradable packaging products in price

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