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P & G: there are new ways to purify glass

Procter gamble has developed new members for its popular bounty tissue product series, which is used to clean glass and furniture surfaces. The packaging of the new product is designed with the assistance of Libby perszyk kathman company. The packaging design of bounty glass surfaces with brand logo is characterized by bright green and blue pictures, realizing a 20% weight reduction of the whole vehicle compared with 2015. Chris Laird, brand manager of bounty, said: "Our self-organized survey shows that 65% of consumers often use waste newspapers, increasingly reasonable regional layout rags or sponges as cleaning tools when cleaning rooms other than the kitchen. Bounty glass surfaces is designed to meet the needs of these consumers. This paper towel is slightly heavier than ordinary products, and there are instructions on the package to help consumers wipe furniture and glass bright and bright."

Laird added that the challenge LPK faces is how to quickly and effectively spread the advantages of this product. Russ Hickey, LPK's brand design strategy consultant, said, "LPK uses blue as the main tone to imply its glass cleaning effect, which makes it different from other bounty products. At the same time, it also implies that bounty glass surface products are bounty series." The pattern on the package indicates that the product can reduce the weight by 10% and can be used to clean windows and small electrical appliances. In order to further emphasize the use of the product, the paper towel is also printed with the pattern of window glass, which is exposed in the central area of the film packaging

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