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Oxford performance materials developed a new aerospace printing product

oxfab, whose strength weight ratio is better than that of cast aluminum, magnesium and nylon. Due to its inert characteristics, oxfab has the ability of high chemical resistance, heat resistance and customized electrical properties, which is very critical for high-performance aerospace and industrial parts

Recently, Oxford performance materials (OPM) developed two oxfab3d printing materials for aerospace and industrial manufacturing markets: oxfab-n and oxfab-esd. It is understood that in February 2013, OPM became the first and only company that has been approved by FDA to produce 3D printed polymer implants, such as packaging materials and disposable daily necessities. In July 2014, OPM received another FDA application and obtained more than 40 patents to produce facial implants for specific patients

ox is an indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. What are the reasons for the noise of tensile testing machine? StarTech will give you a brief introduction: fab is a proprietary process used by OPM company to 3D print PEKK (polyether ketone ketone can reproduce the experimental process through curve) materials. Oxfab-n is an unmodified PEKK. Because of its low microwave dielectric constant, it is most suitable for manufacturing microwave antennas (radomes) or other special electrical applications. Oxfab-esd is a PEKK with carbon, which has high strength and low weight mechanical properties

according to paulmartin, President of OPM Aerospace Industrial: "Although commercial polymer additive manufacturing has appeared for some time, it is the first time that PEKK for 3D printing has been used in aerospace and industrial applications. After a wide range of mechanical test data, PEKK is the thermoplastic material with the best performance, which can be used for 3D printing functional and directly usable parts. We are fulfilling some key development contracts with aerospace and industrial customers , 3D printing components for commercial and military aircraft, space and industrial fields, these applications can significantly reduce weight and cost, which is the core of our customers. "

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