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PTA in the short position of the moving average system will fluctuate weakly

Zhengzhou PTA futures continued to fall on the 15th, with the main 1201 contract closing at 8034 yuan/ton, down 116 yuan. After PTA opened low yesterday, it operated around the 8000 integer level, and the weak pattern was difficult to change. Optimism about financial stability in the euro zone subsided, the upstream PX's support for PTA was weak, the downstream demand was sluggish, the terminal weaving load fell, polyester product inventories increased, and PTA fundamentals remained empty. Crude oil rose overnight, and the company must also carefully handle the recycled raw materials to ensure quality and safety. The yuan strengthened, and U.S. stocks rose slightly. It is expected that PTA will maintain a weak shock in the near future. In terms of operation, it is recommended to sell high and absorb low in the shock range, and avoid chasing up and down

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed above $99 a barrel on November 15, hitting a 16 week high, as US retail sales and manufacturing data from the New York Fed suggested a good outlook for oil demand. Oil prices were only 16 cents from the psychological mark of $100 at one time, but then fell. At 14:30 on November 15, New York time, NYMEX December crude oil futures closed up $1.23, or 1.25%, to close at $99.37 a barrel. Ice Brent crude oil futures rose 51 cents, or 0.5 percent, to $112.40 a barrel

a series of economic data suggest that the U.S. economy is on the track of recovery, and strong economic activity is beneficial to oil prices, so crude oil futures rose. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday that retail sales in October rose 0.5% from the previous month. Analysts had estimated that Chengdu Shenzhen, located in the hinterland of Pearl River Delta, the world's factory, would grow 0.3%, which was revised to grow 1.1% in September, in line with the previous value. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced that the manufacturing index of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was positive 0.61 in November, and the market expectation was negative 2.10, and negative 8.48 in October. Germany and France announced strong economic growth in the third quarter. The use of composite sheets increased the rigidity and strength of components, but heavily indebted countries that are being affected by the debt crisis performed worse, and analysts expect the economic outlook of the euro zone to be even bleaker

upstream market: WTI fell 0.85 to 98.14, Brent crude oil fell 2.27 to 111.89 US dollars/barrel; Naphtha fell $7 to $per ton CFR day, which is among the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment; Heterogeneous MX rose $2 to $1/ton FOB South Korea; PX in Asia rose $10 to $per ton FOB South Korea, Europe rose $10 to $per ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States rose $10 to $per ton FOB Gulf of the United States

in the downstream market, the offer of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is stable and rising, the price is partially low, and the price tentatively rises slightly. The downstream startup rate is slightly increased, but the mentality is still relatively cautious. In the morning, the quotation of staple fiber factory was more stable, and there was a small rise in the Jiangsu market. The mainstream quotation of semi light 1.4d was 10900 yuan/ton, and the cash was delivered; The inventory of most factories is still on the high side, the manufacturers are still cautious in raising the quotation, the large and multi-dimensional shipments are stable, and some downstream manufacturers are willing to replenish a small amount. The transaction in the semi light 1.4d market is maintained at 10800 yuan/ton, and the cash delivery is relatively stable

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