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Moxa Industrial Ethernet switches and video servers have passed DNV certification

moxa's industrial Ethernet switches eds-508, eds-405, eds-308/305 series and optical fiber converter imc-101 series have passed det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification. DNV certification enjoys a wide reputation in ensuring the safety of life and property and protecting the environment in offshore industrial applications

dnv is a world-renowned certification body. After treatment, it needs to be taken out through additional surgery, providing complete regulations, classification and verification of ships and high-speed ships, and de. this requires the selection and design of different fixtures according to different experimental forces and the shape and size of samples. T Norske Veritas offshore operation specifications. At the end of March, EDS series industrial Ethernet switches and IMC series optical fiber converters produced by moxa company passed the certification of det Norske Veritas specification, which puts forward strict verification requirements for the design, production and maintenance of ships and offshore equipment. The certification report states that EDS series equipment includes tube and non tube Ethernet switches, some of which currently have built-in redundancy functions, thereby improving the reliability of the overall system

dnv type approval certification not only means that the certified equipment has passed strict environmental and functional tests, but also indicates that these equipment are suitable for marine, oil and natural gas applications. For moxa company, the industrial Ethernet equipment produced by it can pass the certification of world-renowned certification bodies, which is the best illustration of its commitment to high-quality products and services. It should be noted here that moxa has received several projects in the UK, China and Scandinavia. These marine, oil and gas projects require that the industrial Ethernet switches and optical fiber converters to be used must pass DNV certification. It is necessary for the equipment used in the ocean to pass the DNV certification. Moxa has become one of the well-known manufacturers of tubular and non tubular Ethernet switches and optical fiber converters with standard configurations

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