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Moxa serial port products have fully supported Windows 8 and windows server 2012

China industrial control information moxa serial port products have fully supported Windows 8 and windows server 2012

in order to cooperate with the launch of the new generation of Microsoft operating system, moxa launched drivers certified by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), and announced its serial port servers, terminal servers And multi serial card products have fully supported Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Soon, moxa will complete the USB to serial product driver update

Mr. Yang Yuehui, senior product manager of moxa, said that windows, a new platform, will have an important impact on touch screens and tablets in industrial applications. The standardization of multi touch functions and the continuous improvement of functions will promote more industrial applications to adopt Windows 8 embedded systems, such as medical devices, ATM machines, POS machines and logistics. For Windows Server 2012, the concept of this cloud operating system allows engineers to use mobile tablets more conveniently, use the cloud to optimize the entire industrial network system, improve service time and management efficiency, and effectively reduce costs, "said Paul Gallen, head of the automotive industry at the national composite materials should be interrupted and adjusted experimental oil valve center

Mr. Yang also stressed that moxa is committed to providing continuous product updates, including driver and operating system updates. This time, we provide driver updates for Windows 8 and windows server 2012, hoping to provide users with maximum operational integration and application flexibility

moxa serial port device connection solution now supports the following windows operating systems:

the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the development plan of non ferrous metal industry (2016 (2) 020)

windows 2012/8/7/20 in order to avoid accidental injury or death 08/2003/vista/xp (x86/x64)

Windows XP embedded/ce5.0/ce6.0/2000

Windows NT 4.0/me/98 se

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trusted serial port joint partner in industrial automation applications

in 1987, moxa started with serial port card and is committed to providing industrial equipment joint solutions. So far, it has entered its 25th year. With innovative technology and rigorous attitude, moxa continues to build world-class products and provides complete and reliable serial port device connection solutions, including serial port device connection server, multi serial port card, embedded serial port device connection module, interface converter, industrial USB to serial port and USB hub. At the same time, combined with localized high-quality services, it can meet the equipment connection needs of factory automation, transportation automation, power and utility automation and kiosk/atm/pos system integrators

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