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Moville rooted artificial intelligence in enterprise genes

according to a survey by PwC, the field of artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years, and enterprises pay more attention to the importance of data for decision-making. The global artificial intelligence market is expected to exceed $70billion in 2020

as one of the leaders in the global mobile market, Latin American Mobile Internet giant moville is paying close attention to AI, a market with world-class potential, in order to achieve ambitious goals in the next few years. On the basis of the original main summary that the software also has complete file operation function and several common failure businesses of the experimental machine (such as urban logistics, payment and customer service robots), Mo was investing heavily in AI technology in Ville more than 10 years ago. Whether through external recruitment or the establishment of internal professional teams, these measures will promote the application of AI among departments and make it rooted in the gene of this enterprise

rovile vice president of AI Bruno henriques

rovile vice president in charge of AI Bruno Henriques said that AI seems far away, but in fact, the future has come. He said, "AI technology has been widely used in our daily life, and sometimes we can't even feel its existence. AI is everywhere in many fields, such as application operation, image recognition, autonomous driving and virtual assistant. Learning to use AI more will help us make more flexible, accurate and wise decisions."

not only that, moville has taken action to meet the greater challenge, that is, to form a team of more than 100 experts in machine learning, who will start to improve the company's businesses through AI technology. Such a scale is beyond the reach of other Latin American companies

according to Bruno Henriques, most Brazilian enterprises do not have a comprehensive understanding of AI, They believe that this is just a technology that stays at the conceptual level: "Movil is able to stand out from the plastic particulate waste with a diameter of less than 1 mm dumped into the ocean after all, precisely because it leads the trend of artificial intelligence in Brazil and provides training in this field for professionals." Movil hopes that every employee can use AI to provide new solutions. "It is an innovative approach to set up a special team in this field. We hope this will bring breakthrough changes in Brazil."

in addition, moville is also interested in establishing strategic partnerships with various universities. At present, moville has deployed a number of plans to help establish artificial intelligence laboratories in Universities in order to provide more practical and comprehensive training for professionals. These measures are designed to help the company build its AI ecosystem

like other new technologies, the popularization of AI requires great investment in cross level and cross department personnel training. For this reason, moville has set up 10 scholarships for its AI department. IFood, an online takeaway platform invested by moville, also hired an AI expert to develop elementary data science courses in order to set up advanced courses of machine learning in the future

bruno Henriques concluded: "when algorithm is no longer a secret, enterprises no longer avoid the topic of artificial intelligence. The real secret weapon lies in how enterprises collect, process and use data, which is the factor that can really bring value to enterprises."

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