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Moxa launched a new industrial EDs for harsh outdoor environments editor's note: on February 6, moxa launched a new industrial eds-p510poe Ethernet switch for harsh outdoor environments

on February 6, 2009, Shanghai, moxa, the leading manufacturer of industrial equipment company, released eds-p510gigabitpoe tubular Ethernet switch. Eds-p510 has four Poe ports compatible with IEEE802.3af, and each Poe port can supply up to 15.4 watts of power for connected devices. In this way, the wiring cost can be effectively saved by simultaneously transmitting data and power through the line, and its industrial design makes eds-p510 particularly suitable for outdoor harsh environments

eds-p510 provides many high-level power management functions, the most important of which is the "PD (PO and easily scattered in nature wereddevice) fault self-healing" function; It can detect the status of the power receiving equipment. When the power receiving equipment fails or shuts down, eds-p510 will reset and start the power receiving equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, the "timetabling" function allows users to easily configure the operation time of power receiving equipment, and supply power according to the operation time to save power. When the connected equipment may cause power overload, the "powerlimitsetting" function of eds-p510 can be used to preset the power supply upper limit of each equipment to prevent power overload. When the new power receiving equipment is connected, eds-p510 Industrial Ethernet switching opportunity will automatically disconnect the equipment according to the priority defined by the user or the principle of "nextport"

eds-p510 provides three combined Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be used to form redundant Gigabit rings and cascades. In addition, its SFP port can support broadband transmission to ensure that data and images can be transmitted quickly, making eds-p510 particularly suitable for outdoor applications that need to connect power receiving devices (such as network cameras, APS, walkie talkies, etc.); This kind of application can give full play to the elastic broadband backbone configuration of eds-p510 and the ER over Ethernet function of POW in the implementation process of the guide

product features:

four Poe ports compatible with IEEE802.3af

intelligent power consumption detection, classification and Poe scheduling functions

support turboring, high-level management functions and security settings

three combinations of PP LGF materials, Gigabit Ports - two ports can be used for the backup ring, and the other port can be used for cascading

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