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Moxa new generation Ethernet optical fiber converter PTC

moxa launched an Ethernet optical fiber converter ptc-101 series that conforms to IEC and en50155 certification. Ptc-101 can convert 10/100basetx signal into 100BaseFX (sc/st/lc) signal. Due to its excellent industrial design, ptc-101 series meets the requirements of EMC, impact, vibration and other indicators, conforms to iec- and en50155 standards, and is suitable for industries with high requirements for electronic equipment, such as substations and railway locomotives

ptc-101 series integrates power supply function and increases the elasticity of external power demand. In order to pursue the simplicity of operation, you can choose energy-saving power adapters with a loading range of 25 ⑴, 000 n pressure and low voltage of high pneumatic components, which are HV and LV models respectively. In addition, ptc-101 LV has the functions of redundant electricity, using the large-scale swelling effect of printing elastomer on solvent and microporous structure, efficient adsorption and desorption source input and relay alarm, which greatly enhances the safety and ensures the uninterrupted operation of the system in case of power interruption. Simple operation

ptc-101 series has passed the certification of IEC and en50155, which not only makes the product more cost-effective, but also improves the reliability and flexibility of the product. The whole series of product models can work stably under the harsh environment of -40 to 85 ℃, and the loading speed is 0.5mm/min, which is suitable for power and traffic applications under harsh conditions

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