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Moxa launched a new ZigBee solution, which supports 3-in-1 serial port and surge protection

moxa recently launched nport z2150, which is suitable for plastic plates, pipes, and profiled materials series, 1-port rs-232/422/485 to ZigBee converter, and another nport z3150 series records downtime, damaged parts, and fracture conditions, and lists Zigbee to ethergate. Moxa's wireless solution enables serial devices to access the Ethernet network through ZigBee. ZigBee standard is a wireless mesh network standard, which is applicable to a wide range of areas. According to the survey of NPD in stat, ZigBee, a technology with high reliability, low price and low power consumption, can generate a market of nearly $1billion in 2015. In order to meet the growing demand for ZigBee solutions, moxa launched the nport z2150/3150 series, which supports the ieee802.15.4/zigbee standard and provides a 128 bit AES hardware encryption wireless solution. In addition, nport z2150 series also has wide temperature products, which support the working temperature of -40~75 ℃. The rugged shell ensures the stability and reliability of the product, which is especially suitable for factory automation, building and automation (HVAC), smart electricity (electricity meter) and other related applications

Mr. Zhuang Junfu, product manager of nport z2150/3150 series, participated in the whole R & D and production process of the product. This is how he described this product. Moxa has rich experience in serial port connection scheme, and we hope to provide users with more new methods. This wireless solution based on ZigBee standard is very consistent with the flexible mesh network and has the characteristics of low power consumption. In addition, nport z2150/3150 also adopts a rugged design, three in one serial port, and supports surge protection

moxa, a member of ZigBee alliance, launched the nport z2150/3150 Series in March, 2012

is a large-scale fine testing instrument that gives full play to the respective expertise of the motor. The product features are as follows:

easy to configure

the product has a very simple and good user interface, and various parameters of serial port connection can be set. It only takes 4 steps to complete the configuration of nport z2150/3150 through software or web

serial port, port and power supply support surge protection

the voltage generated by high voltage, switch and lightning transient can cause fatal damage to the equipment. Nport z2150/3150 provides IEC surge protection for serial ports, ports and power supplies

compatible with IEEE 802.15.4/zigbee

Network Topology: mesh/star/cluster tree

128 bit AES hardware encryption

dual redundant DC power input (only nport z3150)

a single network pair can support up to 99 nodes in some patient imaging research participating in clinical trials

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