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On July 15, the differentiated fiber market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

the quotation of differentiated cationic silk was barely stable. From the price trend, the market prices of fdy63d/24f, fdy66d/24f and fdy75d/36f were 14600 yuan/ton, 14500 yuan/ton and 14200 yuan/ton respectively. At present, the trend of products in the downstream market is not clear, and the production intensity of textile manufacturers is not large, so it is difficult to greatly increase the purchase of raw materials for a while. It is expected that the overall market trend of cationic silk will be adjusted in the future. The price of polyester/polyester composite yarn varieties is still stable. The price of island composite wire has been adjusted, and the market of dty105d island composite wire is quite dynamic. The main reason is that the downstream suede can be shipped and moved. It is expected that the island composite wire market will be consolidated when choosing in the near future. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn is stable. DTY90D/72F × The sales of 16 downstream products have increased, and the main raw material of PEN Center is polystyrene. At present, the market inventory of polyester/polyamide composite yarn for regular protection and maintenance of instruments is not large. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will remain stable in the near future

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