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Introduction to the composition and working principle of diaphragm valve

the diaphragm can achieve load control, strain control, displacement, speed control and other closed-loop control valves. The valve body with corrosion-resistant lining and corrosion-resistant diaphragm are used to replace the valve core components, and the movement of the diaphragm is used to regulate. The valve body of diaphragm valve is made of cast iron, cast steel, or cast stainless steel, and lined with various corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant materials, diaphragm material rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene. The diaphragm of the lining has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for the adjustment of strong corrosive media such as strong acid and alkali. The mechanical property experimental machine of bridge expansion joints is mainly composed of loading host, hydraulic pump station, electrical and industrial control computer measurement and control system, (special configuration of American Standard Test), etc

diaphragm valve has simple structure, small fluid resistance and larger flow capacity than other types of valves of the same specification; There is no leakage, but unfortunately, it can be used for the regulation of high viscosity and suspended particle media. The diaphragm separates the medium from the upper chamber of the valve stem, so the medium will not leak out without packing. However, due to the limitations of diaphragm and lining materials, the pressure resistance and temperature resistance are poor, which is generally only applicable to 1.6Mpa nominal pressure and below 150 ℃

the flow characteristic of diaphragm valve is close to the quick opening characteristic, which is approximately linear before 60% stroke, and the flow changes little after 60%. Pneumatic diaphragm valves can also be equipped with feedback signals, limiters, positioners and other devices to meet the needs of automatic control, program control or flow regulation. The feedback signal of pneumatic diaphragm valve adopts contactless sensing technology. This product uses a film type propulsion cylinder to replace the piston cylinder, which is naturally cooled to room temperature in still air, eliminating the disadvantage that the piston ring is easy to be damaged, resulting in leakage and failure to push the valve to open and close. When the air source fails, the hand wheel can be operated to open and close the valve

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