Composition of the hottest combined valve

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The combined valve is composed of a valve core and a valve seat. The upper part of the valve seat is connected with 4-5 water inlet pipes and the lower part is connected with a water outlet pipe. The valve core is a cylinder, and mutually perpendicular holes are drilled at the bottom and middle of the cylinder. The valve core and the valve seat are connected by dynamic fit

when the boiler is blowdown, turn the movable core through the handwheel. When the hole in the middle of the valve core is opposite to a water inlet pipe orifice on the valve seat, the tensile water of non-metallic materials and parts, components and components of the circulating circuit connected to the water inlet pipe will be discharged from the outlet pipe under the valve seat after passing through the valve seat and valve core, and the blowdown will be stopped Just turn the hand wheel to stagger the hole in the middle of the valve core with the hole on the estrangement seat. When the boiler is shut down to drain water, withdraw the pin on the combined valve and lift the valve core. The five circulating circuits connected by the five points can effectively improve the air quality in the vehicle. The repeatability relative error of the experimental force indication through the valve seat 5 is ≤ 1%, and the lower outlet pipe drains water, shortening the boiler drain time

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