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The composition of machine vision system and packaging application (Part 2)

the application of SIMATIC vs710 in the packaging industry

several important features of vs710: integration and miniaturization, networking, programming flexibility, reliability. We can design different fixtures and economics according to different samples and experimental methods, making it widely used in the packaging field, such as bottle classification and liquid level measurement, label, cover, box inspection, From the shape of the package, it is classified into: packaging box, packaging box, packaging bag, metal foil, tubular, bubble, disk, cup, wide mouth bottle, fine mouth bottle, can, barrel, etc. From the packaging content, there are:

1 Food and beverages: food, candy, tobacco, beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic)

2. Cosmetics: cleaning, washing, grinding and lotion

3. Pharmacy: tablets, capsules, ointments, liquids

4. Building materials and chemical industry: powder, particle, liquid

5. Metal: electrical appliances, tools, connectors

examples are as follows:

1 Item: check whether the printed pattern of the cigarette box matches at the connection between the box body and the flip

speed: only/second

benefits: replace manual work, high speed

2. Item: check the shape (whether it is broken) and integrity (whether it is missing) of biscuits placed on the chassis

speed: 16 pieces/second

benefits: ensure the shape of each biscuit is complete before packaging

3. Item: final inspection of cosmetic bottle appearance quality

i. label type

ii Label position and offset

iii. type of bottle

iv. whether the lid is tightly closed

speed: 20/improve the innovative development of the new material industry in the province seconds

benefits: only products with the most perfect appearance can leave the filling line, and the label and bottle content are completely corresponding

4. Project: beer bottle detection on filling line

i. bottle body classification

ii Label inspection

iii. bottle mouth damage detection

iv. filling liquid level measurement

speed: 25 PCS/s, support static and dynamic measurement

benefits: reduce system downtime, improve efficiency

5 Item: whether the label printing is consistent with the physical object

i. printing code identification (OCR)

ii Printing quality inspection

iii. surface inspection

iv. contour inspection

speed: 10 pieces/s, support static and dynamic measurement

6 Item: measurement of inner liner of unscrewing bottle cap

i. integrity of inner liner itself (more material/less material)

ii Oil contamination detection

speed: 16/s

7 Item: measurement of printing quality of crown bottle cap

i. whether the pattern is biased

ii Whether the pattern is fuzzy

speed: 10/s

8 Item: oral liquid bottle size and appearance inspection

i. bottle height, bottle mouth diameter, verticality

ii Bottle mouth crack

speed: 10/s


in a word, the application of machine vision system can significantly reduce the inspection cost, improve product quality, and speed up production speed and efficiency. As a high-precision, non-contact measurement scheme, the vision system involves optics and image processing algorithms, and is itself a highly specialized product. In the whole measurement and control system, it is often necessary to cooperate with the motion control system to complete position correction and feed control; In addition, the vision system must have the ability of distributed connection when carrying out synchronous and continuous detection of multiple processes on the production line. The combination of machine vision, motion control, network communication and other advanced technologies is changing the face of industrial automation. At present, system integrators with technical backgrounds in motion control, machine vision and network communication, such as Beijing Sitong motor company, have emerged in China. Their professional technical support and service capabilities make it a bridge between the original supplier and the end user, and the production, manufacturing and operation are a body beam. For packaging enterprises, those who are aware of the trend of technological development and put it into practice first will undoubtedly be in the forefront of the competition

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